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Cisco IT class on groupon!?

On 2012.11.13 09:25:59, reza wrote:
> Has anyone taken classes from IT U before, this seems like a good deal but I'd like to get someone's feedback if the classes are actually decent.
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> Subject: Cisco IT class on groupon!?
> http://www.groupon.com/deals/g1mm-it-university-online-san-jose-ca
> "$99 for a Complete Cisco Network Training Bundle ($3,295 Value)
> The Complete Cisco Network Training Bundle includes five training 
> courses designed to provide the skills needed for the CCNA and CCNP 
> suite of certifications. Each bundle includes instructor-led training, 
> hands-on exercises, multimedia presentations, and exam simulators."

I had the same question but couldn't really find any good information
about them. Their name is also hard to google which doesn't help.