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Indonesian ISP Moratel announces Google's prefixes

On 11/7/12 12:13 AM, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
> On Nov 07, 2012, at 00:07 , Jian Gu <guxiaojian at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Where did you get the idea that a Moratel customer announced a google-owned
>> prefix to Moratel and Moratel did not have the proper filters in place?
>> according to the blog, all google's 4 authoritative DNS server networks and
>> were wrongly routed to Moratel, what's the possiblity for a
>> Moratel customers announce all those prefixes?
> Ah, right, they just leaked Google's prefix.  I thought a customer originated the prefix.
> Original question still stands.  Which attribute do you expect Google to set to stop this?
> Hint: Don't say No-Advertise, unless you want peers to only talk to the adjacent AS, not their customers or their customers' customers, etc.
> Looking forward to your answer.

I would expect that moratel should have a route object which their 
transit providers can construct a prefix filter for. if moratel 
advertised an AS path including themselves and a google  orgin pccw 
should not have accepted it. if they originated the prefix, pccw should 
not have accepted it.