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why haven't ethernet connectors changed?

On 2012-12-20 12:20, Michael Thomas wrote:
> I was looking at a Raspberry Pi board and was struck with how large 
> the ethernet
> connector is in comparison to the board as a whole. It strikes me: 
> ethernet
> connectors haven't changed that I'm aware in pretty much 25 years. 
> Every other
> cable has changed several times in that time frame. I imaging that if 
> anybody
> cared, ethernet cables could be many times smaller. Looking at wiring 
> closets,
> etc, it seems like it might be a big win for density too.
> So why, oh why, nanog the omniscient do we still use rj45's?
> Mike

The primary reason that pops to mind is backwards compatibility...   
Ubiquitous availablity of the
parts for RJ45 connectors (end connectors, wall plates, panels, etc.) 
also means that it is more
economical to continue using the well established connector.   A new 
connector would
drive up costs initially, whereas continuing to use RJ45 is cheap and 
already works.