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William was raided for running a Tor exit node. Please help if you can.

On 12-12-17 21:45, Jimmy Hess wrote:

> Yeah...  degaussing rings  consume a lot of energy you shouldn't need
> to consume.  

Now now, you clearly have not watched enough scient fiction/action
movies... Clearly, you have a mechanism which triggers the degaussing
(or neutron bomb in the basement the minute a hard drive is disconnected
from the server/disk array :-)

And you just need to put up a sign "warning, this building is protected
with a giant degaussing magnet to protect against data theft, remove all
rings from your body parts if you intend to steal from this building :-)

Note that they used this trick in "Breaking Bad" with a giant magnet in
a van parked right next to where evidence room and they managed to zap
the laptop that contained evidence against them. Of course, the laws of
physics don't apply in Hollywood so it is not clear whether this is
realistic or not.