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IPv6 Linux Server Support

On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 3:22 PM, Paul Stewart <paul at paulstewart.org> wrote:
> Hi there.
> Has anyone compiled a list of pros/cons on various flavors of Linux specific
> to IPv6? ?I realize that's ?a really broad question..
> Specific example would be that we're primarily a CentOS shop - during some
> testing today found out that connection tracking is broken in 5.6 version
> (after all kinds of Google hits). ?I understand 6.0 (recently released)
> fixes this issue. ?I have not seen this issue in Debian for example to date.

I've tested two Linux distributions in an IPv6 environment, Ubuntu
10.04 Server and CentOS 6. Granted I've only been testing services for
a few months now but I've found that both can deliver adequate service
delivery via IPv6. I did run into the connection tracking issue with
CentOS 5 and you are correct, it is fixed in 6 (its also integrated
into the ufw program so setting-up host-based rulesets are very easy
in an IPv6 world).

In my case, its mainly testing both platforms but I haven't discovered
any significant issues with either, and this is running basic services
(DNS, HTTP, SMTP, a few little python JSON servers) over a 6in4 tunnel
on each platform.