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IPv6 Linux Server Support

On Tue, 2011-07-26 at 15:22 -0400, Paul Stewart wrote:
> Specific example would be that we're primarily a CentOS shop - during
> some testing today found out that connection tracking is broken in 5.6
> version (after all kinds of Google hits).  I understand 6.0 (recently
> released) fixes this issue.  I have not seen this issue in Debian for
> example to date. 

This has been my experience, too. In addition to this, there's no LVS
(ipvsadm) support in 5.x for IPv6. You have to move to 6.x for this,

Whilst we could argue over which distribution is better for whatever
reason, you use what you have to use usually for much higher-level
problems, so tracking the pros and cons relative to those requirements
is typically the bigger task.

But it's no big deal; CentOS 6 is here (they say 6.1 is happening soon)
and SL6 has been been around some time. If all else fails, you could
stump-up for a RHEL license.

Personally I'm already installing 6.x hosts and shall continue to do so
where support for software exists (i.e. Plesk has no official support
for CentOS 6.x or Scientific Linux in any form as yet.)