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best practices for management nets in IPv6

On 2011-07-23 17:44 , Paul Ebersman wrote:
> ryan> We keep running into problem with our IPv6 roll out.  I just
> ryan> confirmed today that Exchange does not fully support IPv6
> [...]
> ryan> Yes sorry Exchange 2010 - OCS, Lync, Exchange UM - these require
> ryan> IPv4
> It's a hack (but all ipv6 transition stuff is...) but have you tried
> using ipv6-literal.net for the apps that don't work with ipv6 yet?

That only helps you in situations where entering an IPv6 is unsupported
because the parser chokes on the ':' or does not support scope
identifiers. The app itself still needs to resolve that literal using
getaddrinfo() into a valid IPv6 address (and scope-id) for it to make
any sense of it.

For apps that don't support IPv6 the only way you are (likely) getting
them to to talk to IPv6 capable services is to proxy them.

Good old SOCKS is a great one there and otherwise one of the various TCP
forwarders (on windows one can use: netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6
listenport=80 connectaddress=theipv6nox connectport=80)