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best practices for management nets in IPv6

We keep running into problem with our IPv6 roll out.  I just confirmed
today that Exchange does not fully support IPv6


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On 07/18/2011 06:12, Tim Franklin wrote:
>> You can also use IPv6 privacy extensions (by default on Windows 7), 
>> see rfc4941. For Linux, you can also enable it, which is not a 
>> default.
> In the context of "addresses I'm using to manage kit", having devices 
> randomly renumber themselves at regular intervals does *not* sound 
> like it's going to make my life easy :(

In IPv4 most people use static assignments for servers, and often use
dynamic assignments for client hosts (e.g., DHCP). The IPv6 world is not
different. If you don't want privacy addresses for your servers (and
it's unlikely that you would) you just make sure that they are not


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