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in defense of lisp (was: Anybody can participate in the IETF)

On Jul 13, 2011, at 10:39 AM, Scott Brim wrote:

> Cameron: As for ILNP, it's going to be difficult to get from where
> things are now to a world where ILNP is not just useless overhead.
> When you finally do, considering what it gives you, will the journey
> have been worth it?  LISP apparently has more benefits, and NPT6 is so
> much easier -- particularly if you have rapid adaptation to apparent
> address changes, which many apps have and all mobile devices need
> already -- sorry but I don't think ILNP is going to make it.  You
> can't just say "the IETF should pay more attention".  I've invited
> people to promote it and nobody stepped up.

I think ILNP is a great solution. My concern with it is that the needed changes to TCP and UDP are not likely to happen.