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in defense of lisp (was: Anybody can participate in the IETF)

> W.R.T. to LISP,  in defense of the IETF or the IRTF, i do not believe
> "the IETF" has told the world that LISP is the best fit for the
> Internet or solves any specific problem well.
> The IETF has never said the "Internet Architecture" is going to LISP,
> and it likely will not / cannot.  My expectation is that LISP will go
> away as quickly as it came.

i will not dispute this, not my point.  but i have to respect dino and
the lisp fanboys (and, yes, they are all boys) for actually *doing*
something after 30 years of loc/id blah blah blah (as did hip).  putting
their, well dino's, code where their mouths were and going way out on a

i am *not* saying i would run it in an operational network.  but maz-san
and i were happy to help the experiment by dropping the first asian node
in a test rack on the public net.