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What vexes VoIP users?

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> From: "Owen DeLong" <owen at delong.com>

> Pretty soon, cell phones will, essentially, be VOIP devices. In fact,
> some already are.
> In fact, one could argue that LTE cell phones are in essence what VOIP
> will be when it grows up.

TTBOMK, that isn't *quite* true, yet, Owen.

The only US carrier with LTE deployed is VZW, and their only *handset* with LTE
is the not-yet-quite-shipped HTC Thunderbolt...

and it is my understanding that their first generation release of handsets will
*not* be doing PSTN voice as VoIP over the LTE data connection; they'll be
dual-mode handsets, using traditional (IS-95? IS-136?) CDMA voice on a 
separate RF deck.  The two reasons I've heard have to do with battery life
and the immaturity of the protocol stack or its implementations.

LTE-data-only with VoIP for the carrier PSTN service is indeed their goal,
but I don't think you can say "Already are" quite yet.

-- jra