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What vexes VoIP users?

> >From: Joe Greco <jgreco at ns.sol.net>=0A>I have no idea why anyone would be =
> paying Ma Bell $69/month for a phone=0A>line, unless you like giving them y=
> our money or something.=0A=0AIn my neck of the woods (Washington DC), the P=
> OTS line is the one that works =0Aduring a=A0bad=A0power outage, and has qu=
> alitatively different failure modes than my =0Acable service.=A0 Whether th=
> at's something one wants to purchase is a different =0Aquestion.=0A=0ADavid=
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> ise.com =0A=0A=0A      

In my neck of the woods, you can get a basic POTS line for $15/month if
it's important to you, local calls billed by the number of calls and the
normal LD charges.  Add a basic DSL service to that ($20) AND add a basic
unlimited VoIP service to that ($20) and suddenly you have the benefits
of POTS for emergencies *plus* Internet connectivity *plus* unlimited
worldwide calling for ~$60/month, which seems to me to be a better deal 
than what Ma Bell is likely to be giving you even if you're managing to 
pay them $69/month.  Toss in a UPS and a computer and you can even use
the Internet during power outages.

... JG
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