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What vexes VoIP users?

On 28 Feb 2011, at 19:03, Jameel Akari wrote:

> Sounds very different indeed.  In the US, it's basically "your local Ma Bell derivative, or something not-POTs."  Anecodtally, as of this morning we just dropped one of our POTS lines for the cable company's alternative. Cost dropped from $69/mo to $29/mo right there.
> With say, Verizon POTS you're looking at nearly $30/mo just for dialtone, with everything else (outbound calls, LD, caller ID...) extra.  Now there is some added value in real POTS, but it's awfully hard to justify the cost difference.
> -- 
> Jameel Akari

Yeah I am thankful for the competition we have over here now!

I think that if I were 'over there' then I would be using VoIP as well.

Leigh Porter