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Sunday Funnies: Using a smart phone as a diagnostic tool

Joel Jaeggli wrote:
> On 2/27/11 10:09 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
>>> I have a Droid2 with the "WiFi Analyzer" freebie app by Kevin Yuan.
>> i run it on a nexus one.  way coolquite useful.  i just can't excuse the
>> $600 cost of a wi-spy.
> http://ubnt.com/airview
> 2.4ghz model is more Like $50 and works nearly as well as the wi-spy.
> wi-spy DBx is stll about the cheapest I've seen for a 5ghz spectrum
> analyzer, and is worth it for that alone but the interference problem
> you're trying to nip in the bud is is likely in 2.4ghz anyway.
>> but it sure would be nice to have a general rf peek at the wifi ranges.
>> two weeks ago, in hk, we had rf interference that essentially killed the
>> wifi, but it did not show on wifi analyzer.
>> randy

If you need some directionality (and more gain), get the AirView-EXT model and get one of these:

Mine came without the S/S mounting plate and I just velcroed the thing to the lid of the laptop (~4x2x1 in.).  I also have 
a higher gain omni that goes on the same velcro, so after you identify the interference, switch to the Sector ant. to get 
the direction if needed.