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Graph Utils (Open-Source)

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 01:13:54PM -0600, Max Pierson wrote: 
> Hi List,
> Anyone out there using something other than rrdtool for creating graphs?? I
> have a project that will need a trend taken, and unfortunately rrdtool
> doesn't fit the bill. All of the scripting, data collection,
> database archival, etc will be custom written or is already done (with some
> hacks of course :). So really what i'm looking for is something along the
> lines of GNUplot. Has anyone used it before and would like to share
> experiences?? Seems like it will be able to my plot data accordingly, but
> wanted to see if there were any other popular tools I've yet to come across.

If you're searching something like Gnuplot, you could
also try GNU R:

Marco Delaurenti
{twitter, flickr, posterous}/hiraedd