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IPv6 mistakes, was: Re: Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

In message <1DBDCA5F-16EC-428D-BC46-3BD59A6F4CDB at delong.com>, Owen DeLong write
> > 
> > You can reflash CPE devices to support this that you can't reflash
> > to support IPv6 as there is no space in the flash for the extra
> > code.  This should be minimal.  A extra PPP/DHCP option and a check
> > box to enable (default) / disable setting it.
> Reflashing most CPE amounts to forklifting. The difference between
> having them bring their CPE in to be reflashed or rolling a truck
> to do same vs. replacing the CPE will, in most cases, actually render
> replacing the CPE cheaper.

It depends on the CPE device.  Lots of CPE devices can be re-flashed
in place.  It just requires the will to make the images available.

> > It can be deployed incrementally.
> > 
> So can replacing the CPE, but, neither is a particularly attractive
> alternative for many providers.

And further indecision is going to make this worse not better.

> Owen
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