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IPv6 mistakes, was: Re: Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

In message <20110217203922.GB3702 at mara.org>, Steve Meuse writes:
> Mark Andrews expunged (marka at isc.org):
> > Or to ask CISCO to fix the box so it can route it?   In many cases
> > it is a minimal change.  I don't know whether it is in Cisco 7600
> They are in the business of selling new gear, not enabling features on EOL eq
> uipment :)
> -Steve

Sometime the good will generated is worth the minor expense.

Remember a lot of this problem is the direct result of vendors not
acting soon enough and that includes CISCO.  Asking those vendors
to do a bit of work to fixup the results of their bad decisions is
not unreasonable.  They can't fix hardware limitations but they can
definitely fix software limitations.

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