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IPv6 is on the marketers radar

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> From: "Michael Dillon" <wavetossed at googlemail.com>
> To: nanog at nanog.org
> Sent: Monday, 14 February, 2011 10:37:51 AM
> Subject: Re: IPv6 is on the marketers radar
> > It's bad that home gateways need replacing
> It's not neccessarily bad. There are a lot of older devices out there
> and technology has progressed a couple of generations since then. That
> spells market opportunity for manufacturers of IPv6 gateways,
> particularly at the higher end of the market where the impact of the
> recession has not hit as hard. And given that a gateway is a box
> running Linux with some network interfaces, there is an opportunity
> for added features, maybe even so far as an Android style apps market.
> The general public is now learning that the Internet is going through
> a transition and that IPv6 is future proof. The smart money would now
> be putting gateways on the market to sell to early adopters. And the
> creative money would be looking for a way to link the IPv6 gateways
> with an IPv6 home server that runs apps from an apps market. Those
> apps could be anything from a backup of your blog to a SIP PABX.
> --Michael Dillon
> P.S. if anyone has money to invest, contact me and let's talk.

one new box nearly every year:

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