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IPv6 is on the marketers radar

> It's bad that home gateways need replacing

It's not neccessarily bad. There are a lot of older devices out there
and technology has progressed a couple of generations since then. That
spells market opportunity for manufacturers of IPv6 gateways,
particularly at the higher end of the market where the impact of the
recession has not hit as hard. And given that a gateway is a box
running Linux with some network interfaces, there is an opportunity
for added features, maybe even so far as an Android style apps market.

The general public is now learning that the Internet is going through
a transition and that IPv6 is future proof. The smart money would now
be putting gateways on the market to sell to early adopters. And the
creative money would be looking for a way to link the IPv6 gateways
with an IPv6 home server that runs apps from an apps market. Those
apps could be anything from a backup of your blog to a SIP PABX.

--Michael Dillon

P.S. if anyone has money to invest, contact me and let's talk.