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IPv6 mistakes, was: Re: Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

>>> There is no hackery require to make IPv4 work in LTE.  LTE supports
>>> IPv4, IPv6, and IPv4v6 bearers all the same... its just an option from
>>> the core perspective, handset / chipset makers like to limit the
>>> options to keep cost and variability down.
>> My understanding (admittedly second hand, so perhaps the engineer
>> explaining it to me was mistaken) was that LTE was IPv6 and that IPv4
>> was implemented on the radio side essentially as a 4in6 tunnel with a
>> very very short-term DHCP lease for the v4 address.
> Nope, it does not work this way.  There are tunnels for mobility, and
> it is possible that IPv4 user plane packet get carried in IPv6 GTP
> packets but that is the same case for IPv6 user plane also being in
> IPv6 GTP packets.... but LTE generally does not use any DHCP to the
> user.
> Key point: LTE does not imply any mandatory IPv6 networks
> infrastructure or services, but it does work with IPv6 and should be
> deployed with IPv6.
> Cameron
> (who works in mobile, everyday)

OK... Thanks for the clarification. So did the other guy who gave me the
other story.

I won't pretend to be a mobile expert.