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IPv6 - a noobs prespective

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>You missed the IPv6 hour at Nanog42:
>May be another one is needed?

If you are going to debug very much (and/or undertake a "dummies" 
course") it's probably going to take more than an hour, at one of those 
venues - useful though the hour is for other purposes.

What these meetings need is an "IPV6 room", where you have several days 
to work through all the issues (hopefully with some help - I've seen 
people struggle to get IPv6 working on a Windows XP laptop, for 


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>With the recent allocation of the last existing IPv4 /8s (which now kind of
>puts pressure on going v6), it would be wonderful if at the next couple of
>NANOGs if there could be an IPv6 for dummies session or two :)
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Roland Perry