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Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

In message <5A6D953473350C4B9995546AFE9939EE0BC1397D at RWC-EX1.corp.seven.com>, "
George Bonser" writes:
> > Cost's might be lower but service will be worse. NAT breaks a lot of
> > applications file sharing will not work properly and running your own
> > web server at home will not work properly. Well you always get what
> you
> > pay for and people will buy any crap if it is cheap enough.
> >=20
> > Jens
> While that is true, it is no worse than the situation right now.  In the
> US, the vast majority of users are already behind a NAT (I would say
> over 90% of them are) so they are already experiencing this breakage. =20

But for the most part they can work around breakages with a single NAT.
Double NAT prevents most of the work arounds working.

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