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IPv6 - a noobs prespective

William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> writes:

> The thing that terrifies me about deploying IPv6 is that apps
> compatible with both are programmed to attempt IPv6 before IPv4. This
> means my first not-quite-correct IPv6 deployments are going to break
> my apps that are used to not having and therefore not trying IPv6.

On the bright side you'll notice that something is broken. The other way
around you'd notice something is wrong when the first IPv6 only
connection is used.

> But that's not the worst part... as the folks my customers interact
> with over the next couple of years make their first not-quite-correct
> IPv6 deployments, my access to them is going to break again.

Well www.heise.de has quite a lot of visitors, they are running
dual-stacked for several month without any big problems (I'm aware of) 

IPv6 is coming, people have to get used to the fact and should have
started learning an implementing IPv6 a couple of years ago. Not that I
complain, my schedule is filling up with IPv6 related training's and
consulting jobs.

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