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IPv6 - a noobs prespective

As part of my role, I'm responsible, for a small (20 - 25 machine) network
in the UK.

When it comes to IPv6 I'm a complete noob. So ok - this is how I stand for

I "get" IPv4, I get NAT, I get why it's needed, and I get why it's evil.

I know my IPv4 network inside and out, how DHCP runs and assigns addresses,
how that ties in with our VPN, how everything gets channeled via the NAT to
our ISP etc ...

I also get why we need IPv6, that it means removing the NAT (which, surprise
surprise also runs our Firewall), and I that I might need new kit for it.

I am however *terrified* of making that move. There is so many new phrases,
words, things to think about etc

I want to, I'm keen to, and I know we have to, move to IPv6 - but at the
moment it just seems so complicated - not least without affecting any IPv4

Just my own two pence from a noobie point of view.

* On a side note - what's the best guide for upgrading a simple Windows
network to run on IPv6? I'll take a read.