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IPv6 addressing for core network

> > Global scope addresses on router-to-router interfaces are necessary
> > today for traceroute to work. Some ISPs are *requiring* working
> > traceroute (without MPLS hiding of intermediate hops) in RFPs to
> > transit providers.
> >
> > If you can get router ICMP handling changed such that the ICMP packet
> > generated by traceroute is sent from the loopback address, we might
> > be able to do without global scope addresses on router-to-router
> > interfaces. But until then...
> You can do it on C and J vendor. Without link-local ICMPv6 will use 
> loopback0.  Example on  C:
> ipv6 unnumbered loopback0

I'm afraid I don't consider this an alternative. I *like* global link
addresses for our core routers - and so does our NOC.

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, sthaug at nethelp.no