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US Warships jamming Lebanon Internet

On Tuesday 08 February 2011 14:18:59 Adrian Chadd wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 08, 2011, Denys Fedoryshchenko wrote:
> >  I try to install C-Band bandpass filter, no effect at all, so it is
> >  in-band
> > 
> > interference. Putting foil (yes i try almost everything) near LNB doesn't
> > affect interference level too.
> Can you get access to some kind of spectrum analyser kit to see what the
> kind of interference is?
> Adrian
Yes, on short (few minutes) sweeps it is clean. During long time run, with 100 
Khz resolution, if we run few hours we can catch anomalies on the carrier. 
Important note: this snapshot done on spectrum analyser in Europe, same 
transponder, and results similar, so it looks like interference is on 
transponder. Issue start to affect us at same time when people in Lebanon got 
local interference issues.

Here is snapshot of carrier spectrum with anomaly: