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WebServer and Firewall Help

On 2/7/2011 1:23 PM, Joshua William Klubi wrote:
> Hi,
> I run a web-server based on ubuntu server and the LAMP stack.
> I used Ubuntu's UFW firewall model and have enabled only Web and SSH ports.
> Namely port 80 and port 22 only.
> Unfortunately once a while some guys get to inject some content onto our web
> pages.
> Now managements are looking at getting a well proven infrastructure to
> counter that.
> But I also think i can fall on this community to help me get the right stuff
> done. Where
> i can protect the server from such attack.
> I want to know what measure i can do on the server to get it protected which
> mysql protection
> I should implement. since i can see that it might be a php or mysql
> injection that is been used.
> Currently I run these security measures on it.
> Ubuntu UFW
> Fail2ban
> PHP model security
> Apache security
> Joshua
the problem may not be your operating system but the web application 
running.  what web application/s are on that box?