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Top webhosters offering v6 too?

I ran across this link a while back, it shows, of the top 100k
websites (according to Alexa), which ones are IPv6 enabled:


On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 11:43 AM, Simon Leinen <simon.leinen at switch.ch> wrote:
> Tim Chown writes:
>> Which of the big boys are doing it?
> Google - although there don't call themselves a web hoster, they can be
> used for hosting web sites using services such as Sites or App Engine.
> Both support IPv6, either using the opt-in mechanism or by using an
> alternate CNAME (ghs46 instead of ghs.google.com). ?That's what I use.
> None of the other large "cloud" providers seems to support IPv6 for
> their users yet. ?In particular, neither Amazon's AWS not Microsoft
> Azure have much visible activity in this direction. ?Rackspace have
> announced IPv6 support for the first half of 2011.
> Concerning the more traditional webhosting offerings, I have no idea
> about the "big boys". ?Here in Switzerland, a few smaller hosters
> support IPv6. ?And I saw IPv6 mentioned in ads for some German server
> hosting offering. ?Germany is interesting because it has a
> well-developed hosting ecosystem with some really big players.
> --
> Simon.

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