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Top webhosters offering v6 too?

Tim Chown writes:
> Which of the big boys are doing it?

Google - although there don't call themselves a web hoster, they can be
used for hosting web sites using services such as Sites or App Engine.
Both support IPv6, either using the opt-in mechanism or by using an
alternate CNAME (ghs46 instead of ghs.google.com).  That's what I use.

None of the other large "cloud" providers seems to support IPv6 for
their users yet.  In particular, neither Amazon's AWS not Microsoft
Azure have much visible activity in this direction.  Rackspace have
announced IPv6 support for the first half of 2011.

Concerning the more traditional webhosting offerings, I have no idea
about the "big boys".  Here in Switzerland, a few smaller hosters
support IPv6.  And I saw IPv6 mentioned in ads for some German server
hosting offering.  Germany is interesting because it has a
well-developed hosting ecosystem with some really big players.