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Post-Exhaustion-phase "punishment" for early adopters

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> From: Jimmy Hess [mailto:mysidia at gmail.com]
> The most important thing to ensure "usage" is recognized  is that the
> entire address space is announced plus routed,  

I don't speak on behalf of a community, but in the past there have
been people reminding the ARIN community that there are valid uses
for address space, contemplated by rfc2050, in addition to routing on
the public Internet.

> You might look into the  option of signing the Legacy RSA:
> https://www.arin.net/resources/legacy/
> Available until Dec 2011; If your allocation predated ARIN.

Yes.  You might decide you don't like some provision, but it would
be careless not to look into it.

> I doubt the community is going to scour through all the /24
> allocations and try to reclaim them, however.  It's not that  legacy
> /24 allocations don't matter, if they are entirely derelict,  but the
> /8s are the ones that "sort of"  matter...  sort of,  because  a /8
> reclaimed could provide a few months of IP addresses for a RIR.

Agree; according to https://www.arin.net/knowledge/statistics/index.html
ARIN has been issuing 20,000 - 50,000 /24 per month for the past 
few months.  A /24 wouldn't extend runout time by a full minute.

> It's not likely  but conceivable,  that the RIRs   could decide to
> make a policy of reviewing  legacy resources  and revoking allocations
> with bad contact info,  or  apply
> an "efficient usage"  criterion requiring return/renumbering,  for
> legacy resource holders who have no RSA.

That would be an exciting debate.