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Post-Exhaustion-phase "punishment" for early adopters

On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 4:28 PM, Daniel Seagraves
<dseagrav at humancapitaldev.com> wrote:
> On Feb 4, 2011, at 3:51 PM, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:

> How many addresses do I have to be using for it to count as in use? How high will that number go in the next few months/years?

The most important thing to ensure "usage" is recognized  is that the
entire address space is announced plus routed,  at least one valid
host exists, reverse DNS servers are live,  AND  ensure that all
contact details in the WHOIS database are present, accurate,and up to
date;  including phone numbers,  postal address, and e-mails  for the
organization contacts.

You might look into the  option of signing the Legacy RSA:
Available until Dec 2011; If your allocation predated ARIN.

I doubt the community is going to scour through all the /24
allocations and try to reclaim them, however.  It's not that  legacy
/24 allocations don't matter, if they are entirely derelict,  but the
/8s are the ones that "sort of"  matter...  sort of,  because  a /8
reclaimed could provide a few months of IP addresses for a RIR.

If you have a RSA,  you are not really subject to the RIR taking IP
addresses that you were already allocated  (unless you had violated a
policy,  for example, by submitting a false application,
or you no longer have a justified  need for the IPs).

Changes to the policy for new allocations doesn't mean existing
allocations are cancelled, just because the new rule doesn't allow

Probably it would not be too fair to try to answer a question that the
community hasn't defined an answer for (yet at least)  through any RIR
policy, in regards to "how much usage" is usage.    "Usage" is
probably going to mean something like  "globally" routed,  at least
one host exists in each /24,  and the addresses are being used for the
purpose originally in the application..

That would be what "used" means,  but not what "efficiently utilized" means.

It's not likely  but conceivable,  that the RIRs   could decide to
make a policy of reviewing  legacy resources  and revoking allocations
with bad contact info,  or  apply
an "efficient usage"  criterion requiring return/renumbering,  for
legacy resource holders who have no RSA.