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Random Port Blocking at Hotels (was: Re: quietly....)

On Feb 5, 2011, at 11:15 PM, Paul Timmins wrote:
> I know a hospital in Metro Detroit that was offering it on their patient and guest WiFi in 2009. Of course, neither they, nor the individual running the rogue IPv6 router knew that, but as a person running an IPv6 enabled OS, it was really  screwing up access to my dual stacked hosts to be getting RAs on their wireless with no prefixes on them. I had to filter out RAs in iptables in order to effectively use their WiFi, which was a mess to begin with.

Wouldn't it have been awesome if, y'know, you hadn't had to worry about the RAs at all, but had just connected your single client machine, and gotten your simple gateway address from the DHCP server along with all the rest of your network configuration settings, just like has worked pretty darned well for a number of years?

Oh, right... IPv6, whose mascot should be the camel[1].


[1] http://bit.ly/enLk3c