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Random Port Blocking at Hotels (was: Re: quietly....)

On Feb 5, 2011, at 5:14 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:

> In message <20110205150005.40621.qmail at joyce.lan>, John Levine writes:
>>> and saying "by God, this Owen character is right, we're in breach of 
>>> contract and his definition of the purity of Internet ports has so 
>>> stunned us with its symmetry and loveliness that we shall bow down and 
>>> sin no more!  Thank you Mr. DeLong from making the blind see again!"
>> More likely "uh, oh, we've got a loony one here.  Maybe if I give him
>> his ten bucks back, he'll go away."
>> R's,
>> John
> I have told a hotel they need to install equipment that supports RA
> guard as I've checked out.  This was a hotel that only offered IPv4.
> Hotels ask for feedback on their services.  If you see a fault report
> it in writing.
Rest assured, I do that as well. I also end up usually spending a fair amount
of time on the phone with their contracted support desk which is usually
staffed by people that can barely spell IP and get confused if you suffix
it with v4 or v6. When I inquired about IPv4 and IPv6 support, I had one
literally tell me "We don't support either of those. Just ordinary Internet Protocol."