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My upstream ISP does not support IPv6

On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 6:17 PM, Justin M. Streiner
<streiner at cluebyfour.org> wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Feb 2011, Franck Martin wrote:
>> The biggest complaint that I hear from ISPs, is that their upstream ISP
>> does not support IPv6 or will not provide them with a native IPv6 circuit.
> I know of a few regional ISPs that don't (yet) support IPv6.
> As far as carriers go, some seem to support it readily, and others seem like
> they're being dragged into it kicking and screaming. ?With the IPv4 well
> running dry in some sense, the people who aren't supporting it yet will have
> to realize sooner or later that they're swimming against the tide.

1) in which city you exist
2) in which city does IPV6 support exist for the carrier(s) you choose
to do business with
3) can you get your sales-droid to actually sleep eye-pee-vee-six and
sell it to you?

how many times, for the simple case, has someone piped up on nanog
(here) about VZB and their attempts to find someone with a clue about
getting ipv6 enabled? (I can easily count 10 in the last ~4 years) The
same goes for ATT and L3...

I believe all of these carriers (and NTT since I see Jared responding
as well) have v6 capabilities, they may hide SOME of their issues in
marketting-speak: "Oh, we have that available in 75% of our pops(*)"
(* in south-east oozbekistan) or "We offer ipv6 to the customers of
our Mananged Internet Services network(*)" (* wholesale internet is
not currently able to signup/route ipv6)

Asking straight, clear, concise questions of your sales driod, finding
his management when he's unable to answer satisfactorily, and parsing
the answers closely is your only way forward. (I think)


>> It seems to me the typical answer sales people say when asked about IPv6:
>> "Gosh, this is the first time I'm asked this one".
> In some organizations, that's an organizational problem. ?In others, it just
> means you got the wrong salesdroid...
> jms