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In message <4D4B2E12.5000504 at brightok.net>, Jack Bates writes:
> On 2/3/2011 4:17 PM, Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:
> > Seems there's a lot of engineers out there that only want to make sure
> > last year's protocols work, and are willing to totally ignore next year's.
> To give them respect, they do have the job of making what currently 
> works keep working in the way they originally engineered them to.
> Switching to IPv6 should not have had to require any changes from IPv4 
> outside of a larger address and some minor protocol differences. The 
> support tools to enhance IPv6 beyond IPv4 should be the icing.
> For example. The CPE side of things and how chaining DHCPv6-PD is still 
> an unfinished product, yet we are saying that everyone should be a go. 
> There are too many configurations and setups out there to make it worth 
> smoothly. We are taking a step backwards from how we do things in IPv4.

The protocol was done in December 2003.  Any CPE vendor could have
added support anytime in the last 7 years.  Did we really need to
specify how to daisy chain PD requests when these vendors have been
daisy chaining DHCPv4 for various option without any written

People have been begging the CPE vendors for IPv6 support for years.

> I'm all for doing away with NAT on CPEs, but the work should have been 
> completed before now on how to properly handle CPEs. The Imperial 
> Geniuses apparently forgot.

Seriously.  CPE vendors could have release IPv6 capable products
that had a stateful firewall, DHCPv6 with prefix delegation 7 years
ago.  There was *nothing* stopping them except themselves.

People have been retrofitting CPE devices to have this functionality
for about as long as this.

> As for corporate networks, NAT is perfectly fine and they can use it 
> until they need the new protocols we develop. Then they'll have to 
> adapt, but they'll at least already have some of the IPv6 work done.
> Jack
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