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On Thu, 03 Feb 2011 17:00:55 EST, Jay Ashworth said:

> Wow.  $ANONYMOUS_COMMENTER was right: end-to-end isn't an engineering principle,
> it's a religion.

No, I was commenting on the "FTP is peer-to-peer as both ends initiate
connections" (which is true as far as it goes) - but when you look at the
bigger context of "what protocols besides VoIP and p2p" it's important.  First
off, VoIP is merely one special case of peer-to-peer.

The second, and more important, point is that if end-to-end is a religion,
there is another, even more sizeable religion called "The Internet As A Whole
Doesn't Need Any More Than The Small Subset of Protocols I Need For *MY*

Seems there's a lot of engineers out there that only want to make sure
last year's protocols work, and are willing to totally ignore next year's.
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