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On Thursday, February 03, 2011 05:30:15 pm Jay Ashworth wrote:
> C'mon; this isn't *your* first rodeo, either.  From the viewpoint of 
> The Internet, *my edge router* is The Node 

Isn't that where this thing all started, with ARPAnet 'routers' on those leased lines?

End-to-end is in reality, these days, AS-to-AS.  Beyond that, each AS can do whatever it wants with those packets; if it wants to insert the full text of the Niagara Falls skit (with copyright owner's permission) into every packet, it can do that, and no other AS can make it do differently.

Sure, it would be nice in ways to have full end to end at the individual host level, everybody has static addresses and domain names are free and address space at the /64 level is portable to kingdom come and back without routing table bloat.... 

NAT in IPv4 came about because people were doing it, and the standards were after the fact.  Deja Vu, all over again.

Make it easy to do what people want to do, but without NAT, perhaps overloading, port-translating NAT66 won't get traction.