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And so it ends...


     We were talking about the legacy disbursements here at the office 
much of the day.  It would certainly be *nice* if some of the folks who 
were granted a class A back in the day would throw the unused parts back 
in the community bin.  I don't think its a good idea to try and force 
the organizations in question to do so though and I'd guess that IBM and 
the others we've mentioned all have deeper pockets for legal teams than 
ARIN or most of the backbone providers.

On 2/3/2011 3:55 PM, Jay Ashworth wrote:
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>> From: "Scott Helms"<khelms at ispalliance.net>
>> My 2 cents, in the few cases that we've been involved with that dealt
>> with reclaiming space the backbone providers have universally followed
>> what is in the ARIN database. If you need a block routed they generally
>> will not take action until the SWIP is complete and the same is true
>> when pulling space back that had been in use. Since the major ISPs (and
>> most of the minor ones as well) filter the BGP they get from customer
>> they can prevent the advertisement of blocks that are disputed.
> Stipulated.
> But are they going to go up against someone big?
> Do Lilly, DuPont and Merck need /8?  HP need a /7?
> What if one of those blocks was the subject here?
> Apple?
> I will in turn stipulate that these events are not likely.  But they're
> certainly not impossible.
> Cheers,
> -- jra

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