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And so it ends...

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> From: "Scott Helms" <khelms at ispalliance.net>

> My 2 cents, in the few cases that we've been involved with that dealt
> with reclaiming space the backbone providers have universally followed
> what is in the ARIN database. If you need a block routed they generally
> will not take action until the SWIP is complete and the same is true
> when pulling space back that had been in use. Since the major ISPs (and
> most of the minor ones as well) filter the BGP they get from customer
> they can prevent the advertisement of blocks that are disputed.


But are they going to go up against someone big?

Do Lilly, DuPont and Merck need /8?  HP need a /7?

What if one of those blocks was the subject here?


I will in turn stipulate that these events are not likely.  But they're
certainly not impossible.

-- jra