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IPv6 routing talk @ RIPE, was: Re: quietly....

On 2 feb 2011, at 23:40, Lamar Owen wrote:

>> I can explain everything you need to know about how to run IPv6 BGP, RIP and OSPF in an hour and a half. Did that at a RIPE meeting some years ago. Setting up Apache to use IPv6 is one line of config. BIND two or three (not counting IPv6 reverse zones).

> Now, taking the op hat off for a moment, and stepping down from the soapbox, this is something that could be useful; has this talk been recorded and/or transcribed?  If so, that's a useful resource, and, an hour and a half of relevant material is much easier to swallow than some of the books out there.

Yes, they recorded it (but in pretty low quality and they didn't bother to cut out the many minutes during which we tried to get the projector and my laptop to talk to each other). It's linked at the top of this page:


These are the slides: