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In message <1397B616-F7F5-4212-B055-C0DFE1A99E3C at muada.com>, Iljitsch van Beijnum write
> On 2 feb 2011, at 21:36, Lamar Owen wrote:
> > <put on op hat>
> > What I want is to add an IPv6 subnet or subnets to my already tuned =
> DHCP server config, add IPv6 addresses to the addresses handed out (in =
> the same config clause as the IPv4 addresses are stored, preferably), =
> update the DHCP server software to IPv6-capability, restart the DHCP =
> server, and both IPv4 and IPv6 clients get what they need, through the =
> same already locked down channels, with no other upgrades required.
> You can do that today. For instance, this is what I have in a test =
> setup. (However, the ISC dhcpd can only do either v4 or v6, not both at =
> the same time.)

Which is a limitation that we intend to address.  It was more time
sensitive to get a DHCPv6 server out there than a integrated
DHCPv4/DHCPv6 server.  No date has been set for this yet.

> subnet6 2001:960:7bf:d::/64
>   {
>     option dhcp6.name-servers 2001:1af8:2:5::2;
>     option dhcp6.domain-search "bonjour.muada.nl";
>     range6 2001:960:7bf:d::1000 2001:960:7bf:d::1fff;
>   }

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