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DHCP server fail-over and accounting


On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 10:38 AM, John Adams <jna at retina.net> wrote:

> 2011/2/1 Joe <sj_hznm at hotmail.com>:
> >
> > hi,
> >
> >    we plan to implement DHCP server farm in our network.   Currently ,
> there are there  problems burning my head. could anybody
> You're making this way, way too complicated.
> Run two DHCP servers. Allocate two different netblocks to each server.
> For Example, if your network is a /24, allocate a couple of /26's.
> Both will answer on a request.
> The client will ack to whatever address it decides to accept. Full
> redundancy.

Well, it also depends on the constraints: having such a configuration
implies that every scope will have to be declared twice, as well as the DHCP
Plus, if the server who issued the lease is down, the client will get a new
DHCP lease - which maybe an issue for some people.

> >       To our experience, this needs to set up  DHCP  server on two sites
> and syncronize their content in real time.
> >      Beside this ,  we hope  there should be as less modification as
> possible  on edge router when one DHCP  server is down.
> >      should anycast architecture helpful ?   or should we just set up two
> dhcp servers on two sites and  sync. with ISC DHCPD?
> Don't even bother with the syncing, and anycast is the wrong protocol here.

Agree, anycast makes no sense.
ISC DHCPd sync works well, provided you know it and configured it