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>  "People won't be able to access our site"
> sure helps but being unable to put a date on it still reduces incentive
> (especially when Management get involved, and especially if there is a
> financial outlay involving firewalls etc.).  

Geoff generously provided a probabilistic sense for RIR runout:
Pick your RIR and plot its runout date.  If it's ARIN, then the first
ISP is out of IPv4 addresses at most three months later (since ARIN 
now allocates for three months' need).  Of course, if demand increases,
these dates might change.

Will users be unable to reach your content on $RIR_runout_date + 3?
They might have to get there through large-scale NAT.  That might
bother management if you rely on IP geo-location, or need to 
initiate connections downstream, or rate limit per IP address, or
have anti-DOS techniques measuring hits per source IP address, 
or have employees VPN in, or need to report intrusions, or any of
the many problems widely documented.

Oh, and when I said to pick your RIR, I meant the RIR of users
who access your content.