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A top-down RPKI model a threat to human freedom? (was Re: Level 3's IRR Database)

On Feb 1, 2011, at 2:40 PM, Rubens Kuhl wrote:

>> There is not a single RIR that is not physically located in a country.
>> You can hope they are more stable from a policy point of view, but, the
>> reality is that if someone shows up at the front door with tanks and
>> mortars, my money is not on the RIR.
> But they might choose a country in that region that is less likely to
> mess with the RIR. For instance, ARIN would probably be a lot safer in
> Canada than in the US... RIPE could relocate to Swiss or Sweden
> (although I think Holland is not that much of a risk), for instance.
> LACNIC in Uruguay seems a good choice to me, the same with AfriNIC in
> Mauritius.
> Rubens

Great theory, but:

ARIN (and IANA for that matter) are _IN_ the US.

RIPE _IS_ in the Netherlands.

APNIC _IS_ in Australia. Where would you put it? I notice you didn't
list it  above.

Even Canada has their occasional bouts of wanting to censor the internet in strange ways. Government policies change over time and counting on governments to remain sane has its perils.