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In message <4D4870B8.4010809 at otd.com>, Dave Israel writes:
> On 2/1/2011 3:32 PM, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
> > On 1 feb 2011, at 21:03, Dave Israel wrote:
> >
> >> People want to engineer their networks they way they want to.  Let them.  If
>  their way is stupid, then they'll have the stupidly engineered network they wa
> nted.
> > The problem is that their stupidity impacts ME. If I want to talk to Microsof
> t from behind a<  1500 byte MTU link: too bad, not going to happen. They stupid
> ly send packets with DF=1 but filter incoming packet too big messages.
> >
> > So I'm all in favor of the IETF blocking stupidity whenever possible.
> >
> I completely agree that, when interoperating, you have to follow the 
> rules, and I would (naively) hope that "customers cannot reach me 
> because of my configuration choice" is sufficient incentive to fix the 
> problem for the majority of network operators.  But what I am arguing 
> against was the stance some people take against DHCPv6, or prefix 
> lengths longer than /64, or other internal-to-my-network, 
> why-should-you-care choices I might make.  Telling me it is dumb is 
> fine; implementing software/hardware/protocols such that I can't do it 
> simply because you think it is dumb is a problem.
> -Dave

It just doesn't work with Microsoft, ATT, AOL, .... They make up
their own rules and you have to figure them out.

Microsoft set TC on DNS replies but doesn't have DNS open on TCP.

Then there is the anti-spam measures which break RFC compliance.

Or all the people that have GLB's that don't give correct answers
to AAAA queries.  How had is it to return the SOA record of the
delegated zone rather than the parent zone.  Some GLB vendors
documentation gets this wrong.  The Alexa top 1000000 has a 1.4%
failure rate on AAAA queries (SERVFAIL, TIMEOUT to the client when
NOERROR or NXDOMAIN is returned for A).

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