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ipv4's last graph

> FWIW: the Jan. 2011 global burn rate (outbound from the RIRs) for
> /24-equivlents was 18.97 seconds. At the Jan. rate, APnic won't last
> to June and Ripe might make to the end of August, then chaos ensues.

this is not the murdoch press or fox news.  i very much doubt chaos will
ensue.  our job is to see that chaos does not ensue.  you will learn to
love nat444 :)

> Is there really any value in trying to distribute graphs that will all
> be flat before the end of the year?

we're ops, often stick in the mud traditionalists and even somewhat
supersitious.  we've had ipv4 graphs for over 15 years.  we like them.
geoff is mr graph.  we like his grphs.  heck, you have even used them.