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ipv4's last graph

The individual RIR graphs won't be around long enough to be worth the
effort... ;) 

FWIW: the Jan. 2011 global burn rate (outbound from the RIRs) for
/24-equivlents was 18.97 seconds. At the Jan. rate, APnic won't last to June
and Ripe might make to the end of August, then chaos ensues. Is there really
any value in trying to distribute graphs that will all be flat before the
end of the year?


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> From: Randy Bush [mailto:randy at psg.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 12:02 AM
> To: Geoff Huston
> Cc: NANOG Operators' Group
> Subject: ipv4's last graph
> with the iana free pool run-out, i guess we won't be getting those nice
> graphs any more.  might we have one last one for the turnstiles?  :-)/2
> and would you mind doing the curves now for each of the five rirs?
> gotta give us all something to repeat endlessly on lists and in presos.
> randy