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Earthlink help needed

Within an hour of making this post I received a call from a very helpful 
engineer at Earthlink. The problem has been identified and a resolution 
is in the works.


Mike Lewinski wrote:
> One of our mail servers can't talk to any of the earthlink MX servers 
> and after two weeks of trying I've got a queue full of undeliverable 
> mail to their subs.
> Previous attempts at getting help via postmaster at earthlink.net are 
> unanswered. INOC-DBA has no directory entry for them. This old NANOG 
> post (http://www.merit.edu/mail.archives/nanog/msg01582.html) has a 
> valid phone number but invalid extension. So I hit 0 and got a tech 
> anyway. That tech instructed me to forward on my concerns to 
> blockedbyearthlink at abuse.earthlink.net which I did, but nothing more 
> than an auto-response has come back a week later now (and yes, I 
> followed the instructions in the auto-responder and re-submitted in the 
> requested format).
> Everything I've read indicates that if we are being blocked deliberately 
> I should be getting a 550 SMTP error back. We do not even get a SYN/ACK 
> back (nor ICMP unreachable/prohibited, nor RST) so no SMTP errors are 
> generated from their servers. The MX are all pingable and traceable, so 
> its not a routing problem AFAICT.
> The mailman server here has paranoid rDNS setup, does not appear on any 
> blacklists, and has never been the subject of any spam complaints. It 
> runs a listserv for a professional legal association which charges 
> members a fee before they are allowed to join the list, so the 
> possibility of unwanted third parties being subscribed is very near zero.
> TIA and sorry for the noise. We tried having an Earthlink subscriber 
> work this from the other angle. All she got was "Earthlink has been 
> blocking port 25 for years you should now this by now!"
> Mike Lewinski
> -- 
> mike at rockynet.com
> POTS: 303-629-2860
> INOC-DBA: 13345*mjl