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Earthlink help needed

One of our mail servers can't talk to any of the earthlink MX servers 
and after two weeks of trying I've got a queue full of undeliverable 
mail to their subs.

Previous attempts at getting help via postmaster at earthlink.net are 
unanswered. INOC-DBA has no directory entry for them. This old NANOG 
post (http://www.merit.edu/mail.archives/nanog/msg01582.html) has a 
valid phone number but invalid extension. So I hit 0 and got a tech 
anyway. That tech instructed me to forward on my concerns to 
blockedbyearthlink at abuse.earthlink.net which I did, but nothing more 
than an auto-response has come back a week later now (and yes, I 
followed the instructions in the auto-responder and re-submitted in the 
requested format).

Everything I've read indicates that if we are being blocked deliberately 
I should be getting a 550 SMTP error back. We do not even get a SYN/ACK 
back (nor ICMP unreachable/prohibited, nor RST) so no SMTP errors are 
generated from their servers. The MX are all pingable and traceable, so 
its not a routing problem AFAICT.

The mailman server here has paranoid rDNS setup, does not appear on any 
blacklists, and has never been the subject of any spam complaints. It 
runs a listserv for a professional legal association which charges 
members a fee before they are allowed to join the list, so the 
possibility of unwanted third parties being subscribed is very near zero.

TIA and sorry for the noise. We tried having an Earthlink subscriber 
work this from the other angle. All she got was "Earthlink has been 
blocking port 25 for years you should now this by now!"

Mike Lewinski
mike at rockynet.com
POTS: 303-629-2860
INOC-DBA: 13345*mjl