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Gigabit speed test anybody?


On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 11:05:25AM -0700, Rick Ernst wrote:
> I'm working on turning up our first GigE connection (400mbs CIR) and the
> various online speedtests I'm aware of choke after about 100Mbs or so.
> Does anybody know of testing sites that can handle higher bandwidth, or
> have an ftp host or similar to test against?
> I'm connected to Level3, backhauled to Seattle, WA.

You might want to calculate what maximum throughput you can get on one TCP
session (c.f. windowsize and bandwidth delay product when taking into
consideration the RTT between the two endpoints of your test), then start
multiple of these sessions in parallel to fill up your pipe. I strongly
urge you to use a test like netperf/iperf that runs completely from memory 
and does not require spinning disks like http/ftp servers usually do.

Andreas Ott      K6OTT               andreas at naund.org